Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Music Review #1: New Kings of Metal...

Lamb of God has yet again made a solid album.  Wrath is the perfect name for this 2009 releases since that what you get on every track.  The record starts with the somber instrumental "The Passing"  but hold on because you will get blown away by the monster guitar driven, triplets filled "In Your Words".  This was expected since Lamb of God puts one of the hardest songs as the first track.  "Set To Fail" starts off with the snare sounding more of a machine gun then a drum. "Contractor" is just epic in mostly all the ways you want a metal song to be, best song on the album by far and with a huge breakdown followed by what I am calling  "A Sound Throwdown" after it you just cant miss on this track.  "Everything To Nothing" is one of the best songs on the album since it has driving guitars that makes you toss up devil horns from the get go.  Your neck will not get a chance to rest since "Choke Sermon" is a huge massacre of sound and keeps the pace alive.  Then once again they pull out the acoustic guitars as the album comes to a close but not before "Reclamation" drives you into the grown one last time.  The guitars and drums feel like rampant locomotive coming to kill you.

The gigantic solos and astonish double bass never seams to amaze me, from one of my most favorite metal band this is one huge metal murder zone.  Wrath is a beast and lives up to its name 10 fold.

Summation: 4/5 because Lamb of God have shown once again that they can bring the thunder..

Favorite Tracks: Contractor, Everything To Nothing, Broken Hands

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