Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music Review #2: Turning The Gun On Themselves..

When I turned the new Bullet For My Valentine on I was excited from the start "You're Betrayal" starts out so rad with the heavy guitars and double bass but when the lyrics come it kinda loses its Fever (name of the album).  Yes there are some cool harmonies mixed in the album and the music is rather killer at moments but it kinda lost its edge that I was expecting.  "The Last Fight" has some nice guitar work but  "Begging For Mercy" is my favorite track on the album because its more of the style that a band with such a cool name should have.  Besides the singing, in which is not all that good and is rather boring to listen to its the most solid song on the album and the solo at the end is worth enduring the song. 
Summation: 2/5 since the singing had no huge hooks and the lyrics were very sub par but the music saved this record from getting the big fat 0.
Favorite Tracks: A Place Where You Belong, You're Betrayal, Alone   

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