Monday, May 10, 2010

Hold On To Your Hats, Here Comes The Metal...

To everyone who knows anything about christian metal you know that Norma Jean and As I Lay Dying always bring it so no surprise that the single "Beyond Own Suffering"  from As I Lay Dying up coming record The Powerless Rise blows you away.  As I Lay Dying working with Killswitch Engaged's Adam D to record the new record.  Adams work ethic to make every guitar, bass, drum and vocal sound perfect is astounding. He has pushed the guys to make a record that they will be very happy to play on tour.  Tim Lambesis, lead singer for the band wanted to have the screaming cleaner and more understandable for the fan.  Look for the new Album to come out May 11th, 2010.

What can I say about Norma Jean  that will define there latest single "Leaderless And Self Enlisted" from there up and coming record Meridional?  Considering there last album The Anti-Mother was extremely different and somewhat soft from there first three albums I was really weary of the direction they were going.  But I am leaving everything I knew from The Anti-Mother behind because this single sounds a lot like O'  God The Aftermath which is hard, experimental and all around best record from this band.  Expect this record to be out July 12th, 2010

All in all sounds like both As I lay Daying and Norma Jean are bringing it with both records and I can not wait for hear them both!

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