Saturday, May 1, 2010

Music Review #3: This Is War.....

Jared Leto has done it again.  This Is War is the Jr. record from the band, since I am counting Capricorn and why wouldn't I since its epic as well as everything 30 Seconds To Mars has ever touched.  I really couldn't tell you what I was expecting from this record since A beautiful Lie was jaw dropping I really didn't think they could top themselves..  I was wrong.  The string arrangements and the fan based chorus lines make this a very audience participation album for a live show for sure.

The record starts out with the song "Escape" that has plucking violins and the screaming fans "THIS IS WAR" as the end's a woman's voice says" La Nuit A Chasser"  which means "Night of the Hunter" the second track this is one huge jungle beat mixed with synths.  Leto's voice sounds so clean and a bit more mature then the pasted records.  The lyrics have stayed as good on this album "Honest to God/I will break your heart/Tear you to pieces/And rip you apart" is the bridge from "Night Of The Hunter"   "Kings and Queens" is one of the masterpieces on this album.  This was the "awe" moment of the record, along with one more I will hit on, but everything, the music, the lyrics, the vision of this song just give me chills every time I hear it. The other song that was the "awe" moment was the very to the point song "100 Suns"  I will not tell you anything about this song because you need to hear it to understand the simplicity and honesty of it.  "Closer To The Edge" is another song that has such a awesome feeling to it, this song really shows off the vocals of Leto, with the highs and lows with ease.  Like I have said before this record is a fan album in a way that if you go to a live show you will be able to be apart of it and not just watching it like in "A Call To Arms" it is a huge audience participation song since the start of the song has the fan bases chorus stomping there feet and clapping in time with this very uplifting song before Leto sings a single note.

Summation: 4/5 because you can tell that this is what Jared Leto wants to do in life and he has not given up on his creativity one bit..

Favorite Tracks: 100 Suns, Kings and Queens, Night Of The Hunter

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