Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Music Review #4:Carly Smithson has nothing on Amy Lee

I must admit that I am a rather large fan of Evanescence and I say this before starting the review on We Are The Fallen first record Tear The World Down is because this is a copycat band if there ever was one.

This band was formed 11 months ago with American Idol finalist Carly Smithson on vocals, Ben Moody, John LeCompt on guitar, drummer, Rocky Grey all three from the band Evanescence and Marty O'Brien on bass who has played for such bands as Static-X and Disturbed.  With this line up I was expecting a power house of noise and good breakdowns...  that kinda came true..

The single "Bury Me Alive" starts out the record and is also the single of the album.  Carly's voice sounds like a weaker version of Amy Lee's, singer for Evanescence, but the music is solid on this one.  "Burn" is the second track and starts off with some double bass from Rocky and some seriously heavy guitar rifts that make me think that there might be some goodness to come out of this album.  The rest of the album sounds like they were taken out of Amy Lee's hands and destroyed by the lack of singing talent and sometimes sorry to say musical talent as well.

Summation: 2/5 because the music aspect is solid through out most of the entire record but the lack of power in Carlys voice is making the record lack in substance..  Sorry Carly, there can only be one Amy Lee..

Favorite Tracks: Burn, Through Hell, Tear The World Down

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