Sunday, May 9, 2010

Neon Trees, Mutemath and 30 Seconds to Mars Concert Review.

Standing in line with my wife waiting to gain admittance to the Rail Events Center to see the 30 Seconds to Mars show my hopes were high from seeing concert footage on Youtube from other shows that Leto and his crew have thrown-down.  I was very excited that I was over 21+ so my wife and I could stand up in the bar area and watch the show and not have to deal with the moshers and crowd surfers.  So after meeting the lead singer from Neon Tress, he was mingling with the crowd, we went upstairs to get out spot for the night.  Neon Trees from Provo, UT were the first band up.  The lead singer Tyler Glenn, who looked alot like Jared Leto in dress, we very theatrical in his stage show.  The mix on the drums, guitar and bass were awesome but the mix on the vocals we not so awesome and just started to get bothersome after they had been playing for 45 minutes.  After there set my wife and I sat and talked about how we were quiet excited to see the next band. 

MuteMath is a band that I will admit I knew nothing about until I saw that they were on the bill to open with Neon Tress.  The electronic/psychedelic rock band, who hails from New Orleans, walked on the stage, very nicely dressed i might add in suit coats they got to there instruments.  As I was watching them all I looked over at the drummer as he was talking his hat off, placing headphones on his head then doing something I have never seen before.  He duct taped his headphones to his head, I knew then that this was going to be different.  There stage presence was astounding, the mix on everything was flawless and the ending was spectacular.  At the end of there almost hour and 10 minute set which flew by, the drummer took apart his set placed the snare the keyboard and started to jam out on the snare and keyboard backing drum.  Then he went back to grab another drum then jumped onto of the keyboard and went at it again.  Then lead singer Paul Meany  singer/keyboard player started to jam his feet, legs upper torso on the keyboards ending there set with mayhem. 

So after MuthMath played I turned to my wife and told her that "30 Seconds To Mars better be on there game or they just up upstaged big time.."

There set ended around 9:10 p.m. and then the waiting game started.  you could tell that everyone was super excited that the time had come to see 30 Seconds to Mars, but waiting almost 50 minutes for the stage crew to set up everything, which was covered by a white sheet so no one could see what was all going on, made my excitement plummet.

The lights went down evoking screaming, raised fists and devil horns from the crowed blow.  As "Escape" the opening track  started the shadow of Jared Leto was shown on the hanging sheet, then once "Night of the Hunter" started to play the sheet was dropped exposing Jared Leto and his so called "Pomegranate" colored Mohawk or Marshawk as some are calling it.  The light show behind the band was intense but matched the level of energy that Leto, jumping around and playing to the crowd brought as well.  After a few songs I noticed that Jared was not singing much and letting the crowd sing alot of it, which I was expecting since This Is War has fans singing in the record but I payed to hear him sing and not the drunk people who can't carry a tune in a bucket that surrounded us.  After "Attack" and the lights went down it was just dark for a minute until I looked in the mixing booth and Jared Leto was standing inside it.  It took a few minutes for everyone to see that he was not at the almost opposite end of the stage but when they did notice everyone ran over with there cameras looking for the opportunity to get a photo of him up close.  I will say that this was the highlight of the 30 Seconds to Mars show for me because having a band and all that noise can really make you have a skewed sense of the singers capabilities and stripping that of any singer will show you his real talent.  Leto started to sing "The Story" and I was in awe.  His voice, yet a cold and coughing up blood earlier in the day, still had such a awesome voice.  They ended the show with there epic tale "Kings and Queens" by letting people come up on the stage with them and sing with them.  

Besides Jared Leto's banter, swearing at fans and dragging some songs to somewhat annoying length's it was a good show but all in all, MuteMath upstaged the headliner by a long shot.  All three bands have new albums out, Neon Trees Animal, MuteMath Armistice and 30 Seconds To Mars This Is War

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