Friday, June 4, 2010

Music Review #10: The Cullens Better Watch Out For These Vampires...

Oh yes, the boys have destroyed the theory of the so called "Sophomore Slump" with Contra.  Vampire Weekend is one of the bands that I liked ever since local radio station X96 played the song "A-Punk" on there discover features.  I was hooked and with this new release its nothing different.

This whole album is simply remarkable from opening track "Horchata" to Paul Simon sounding "White Sky" "California English" and "Run" I can not get enough of this record.  "Diplomats Son" changes it up but "I Think Ur a Contra" is dazzling to the mind.

Summation: 5/5 because this is a solid album from start to finish and is just a fun listen.

Favorite Tracks: Horchata, California English and Run

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