Friday, June 4, 2010

Music Review #9: Lace Up Your Chucks..

Anyone who knows anything about that "Pop Punk" genre know that A New Found Glory has the style dialed in but the guys are getting a bit older so maybe it's time for the next generation of "Pop Punkers" to bring it and I think Amber Pacific does just that.  This album is the last record that lead singer Matt Young sang on before leaving and being replaced by Jesse Cottam who, by my opinion, is not that good of a replacement.  So if you are going to check this band out this album Truth In Sincerity is the best record for you learn about Amber Pacific

I really like everything about this album, everything for the obvious lyrics to the obvious chord progression.  In any other setting I would not love it so much, but that's what "Pop Punk" is all about I think.  "Rule #76" is the Intro to the record that flows right in to "Summer" with huge drums.  "Temporary" and "Your Only Young One" makes me think of the band Mest with the fun and super energetic music.  "Take Me From This Place" slows it down a notch but "Runaway" brings us right back up to speed and with guest singer Mike Herrera from MXPX you know that there is nothing but pure punk behind this blasting track.

Summation: 4/5 because its nothing new but its done right and that really all that matters to me about this genre.  This album screams young, in love and armed with the weapon Music.  So if you like A New Found Glory, MXPX, The Starting Line or The Get Up Kids check these dudes out.

Favorite Tracks: Summer, Runaway and Temporary

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