Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music Review #14: Teenage Dream or Nightmare...

My wife showed me the way to Katy Perry and to be truthful I am not a huge Pop fan unless its Michael Jackson but there was something in the quirky songs the told me to keep a look out for her.  The new album "Teenage Dream" is uber poppy and even has a feature from The Dog Father Snoop Dog on "California Gurls" that was more surprising then anything else.

I must admit that I do love simple lyrics and good hooks so there are some parts of this album that I cannot get away from loving and even dancing just a little bit as I listen to the album.  In "Firework" there are some killer strings, which I love in pop music and think makes a song stand out from all the rest of the drivel pop out there.  "The One That Got Away" is a song that I can get behind fully.  I liked it so much that I repeated it!  Songs that you can tell came from real live experience and not just written to make money are the songs that speak to me.  Maybe I am crazy but I feel like I can tell when a song is written from the heart or written from the side of making money i.e. "Peacock" total trash song.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel of this so called dream though.  "Not Like The Movies" is the best song on this album by far because it that glimmer of hope that I saw in her on the first record.  Awesome song, song writing is very flowing and its not something you would expect to hear as the ending track from this pop driven album.  Let's hope Katy does not pull a Jewel and go all hooker on us......

Summation: 3/5 because there are some gems in this album but also so made out of crap.
Favorites: The One That Got Away, Firework and Not Like The Movies

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