Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Architects Forgot How To Build...

I was turned on to this band from a awesome friend who has guided me though the what I like to call "The Metal Curve", meaning you listen to alot of really crap bands to find the awesome ones.  Hollow Crown was The Architects fourth record, but first to on a major UK label and they killed it!  So when I heard that they were recording a new record I was ultra stoked because of there past work and could not imagine the music they would be coming up with.

So.. let's get into it..

I put it on my ipod and hit play expecting to be slammed with something my ear drums could not take and maybe even succeed the opening track off of Hollow Crown Early Graves, but all i got was disappointment track after track.

Day In Day Out is the opening track and just really lacks the strength of the band that I once knew.  Most of the track is singing, not that I have a problem with that, but for a band to go from metal to screamo is just hard to fathom since there debut record was just a massacre.  I will admit that most of the songs on this album start out really good, but then it just disappoints after that or somewhere in between.  I know that bands develop and that might change there sound, but this album sounds nothing like there past records and I think thats what the fans were expecting.. well this fan was.

Summation: 3/5 because I can see this band coming back from this album and making another solid album or they will just turning into yet another screamo..

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