Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Slipknot: The .5 Grey Chapter Track-by-Track!!!!

6 years have passed since we have had a new studio album from this badass 7 piece outfit from Iowa and I could not wait to get my hands on this record since I have been a HUGE fan of them since Iowa and Subliminal Verses.  Let' s jump right into this...

XIX: "This song is not for the living, its for the dead." Corey Taylor's first words on the album accompanied with a distorted Bagpipe undertone that makes you start to see how this album is going to be progress. The starting of this song really makes me think of Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails, not because Corey voice is anything like Trent but the melodic melody.

Sarcastrophe: This song is pure classic Slipknot. With the heavy drums, guitar and the rhythmic beating on the serrate drums this song will not let you go for five whole minuets.

AOV: Yet again, from the start of this song, the heaviness is very classic, but then the choirs comes in and its so much like Stone Sour I lose interest very quickly. I understand that Corey needs a time to back off of his screaming since he has tore his vocal cords before but this really takes me out of the songs.

The Devil in I: The double bass in the start of this song really made me think that the pace was going to continue with the rest of the album, but it slows down with Corey singing and then the chorus hits and yet again, the singing just take me out of the song. Its a solid song, but just not what I think a heavy metal band should be doing with the back history that Slipknot has.

Killpop: Corey sings, yet again, and this time, the song reminds me of something that would be played on your local alternative radio station. Even with the heavy chorus, the singing just does not work with this formula, but hey, thats just me.

Skeptic: OK, here is the Slipknot I was waiting for. This song is balls to the walls the entire song. Everything about this song reminds me of Iowa.  Heavy, angry and ready to fuck shit up.

Lech: YES! YES! YES!!! This song is terrifyingly hard! Brutal! Wow... this is the shit I have been looking for in this album. Chug-Chug-Chug!!!

Goodbye: The recurring theme of this album is the death of Paul Gray the bass player that died in May of 2010. I may be wrong but I am sure this song is in tribute to him. Very well put together piece of music and beautiful lyrics.

Nomadic: "Im going to make you hate me!!" Corey keeps bring back this anger that you can honestly feel, even though there is singing in the chorus, the music and the drums keep me pumped. Then the guitar solo flys in and has a hiring feeling like they were really influenced but Metallica's "One" for the solo.

The One That Kills The Least: ugh..... more singing... Don't get me wrong I understand that you have to break it up but my hell, this sis just something that I cannot get behind.

Custer: This song is an Atomic boom that will destroy everything in its path! Everything about thing this song makes me want to get in the mosh pit and not get out until i am bleeding, bruises and maybe a broken jaw. Seriously, this song is that badass.

Be Prepared For Hell: This song samples from creepy voice and lets the DJ have a chance to work his magic. Coreys voice, deep and monotone, talking over the track makes you think that they are not done with this album, saving the best and hardest for last. At the end of the track you hear some un nerving laughing and a piano playing.....

The Negative One: When this song started I was chilled up from head to toe, with the DJ having some little screaming noise screeching in the background, but then something happens, I honestly can't put my hands on it but it just doesn't bring that chill factor back again and again. *Sigh*

If Rain is What You Want: This song starts out with the classic 80's Speak-and-Spell saying garbled words that I cannot make out. The song starts out slow, with a guitar, then building with the drums then including the separate drummers, then the bass hits and Corey starts singing like Trent Reznor ones again. Once again.


Out of the 14 tracks I can say that I will only go back and listen to 5 of them: Sarcastrophe, Skeptic, Lech Nomadic and Custer. They are the most ballsy tracks on the record. I am not saying that the record is terrible, its very well done and the musicianship is incredible, but I just believe that if you are a metal band and that you have a reputation, such as Slipknot does for really throwing down some hard tracks and brutal screaming, if you cannot keep that up for more then half of the tracks you need to just stop making records.

Since 1995 this band has been really killing it with there unorthodox set up with the extra drummers and screamers. I just feel like it might be time from them to call it a day.  I mean, Meshuggah has been at it since the last 80's and they keep there game hella hard and they are old men.

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